San Onofre: Memories of a Legendary Surfing Beach

Revised and expanded 2nd edition available now! San Onofre: Memories of a Legendary Surfing Beach is a landmark achievement in the study of surfing history and culture from its origins in Polynesia, Peru, and Africa, to the role that San Onofre played in molding California surf culture. San Onofre is the story of California surf culture as seen through the eyes of the surfers at San Onofre Surf Beach. Pioneer surfers tell their own story of the Golden Age of Surfing and illustrate their tales with never-before-seen vintage photographs from their own family albums. From the earliest accounts of surfing through 2020, San Onofre is the most comprehensive history of surfing culture ever written.


The Cowboy’s Trail Guide to Westerns

Fourth Edition Coming Soon

The most complete collection ever assembled of feature-length Westerns of the sound era.
For the first time, a Western movie guide for Westerners written by a Westerner.


Nelson Point : Portrait of a Northern Gold Rush Town

An intimate, detailed account of the rough-and-tumble California gold rush experience. Painstakenly researched contemporary diaries, journals, letters and other accounts along with government and public statistics, provide the foundation for 26 chapters describing life in a California gold camp.


The Elementary Teacher’s Guide to the Gold Rush

The complete elementary teacher’s guide for developing a memorable California Gold Rush lesson. The Elementary Teacher’s Guide to the Gold Rush offers a complete and easy to follow lesson plan package enabling you, the teacher, to lead your students through an authentic gold rush camp experience. Complete with easy to follow instructions and easy to copy task cards and props. This unique cross disciplinary approach to the gold rush includes a complete physical education lesson as well.


The Physical Educator’s Guide to Portfolios

The complete teacher’s guide for developing Physical Education Portfolios grades 7-12. Complete with lessons, lecture notes, handouts, worksheets, internet lesson, and helpful hints to incorporate portfolios into your fitness units.