The Elementary Teacher's Guide to the Gold Rush

by David F. Matuszak
Raymond Rodriguez

For the first time, an instructional guide for elementary school teachers who teach the California Gold Rush written by a miner and teacher. The Elementary Teacher's Guide to the Gold Rush is a step-by-step guide intended for fourth gade teachers in compliance with the California Content Standards for History-Social Science. This unique cross disciplinary approach to the gold rush includes a complete physical education lesson as well. The physical activities illustrate the difficulties that 49ers experienced reaching the California gold fields.

The Elementary Teacher's Guide to the Gold Rush offers a complete and easy to follow lesson plan package enabling you, the teacher, to lead your students through an authentic gold rush camp experience. You become the infamous gold rush guide, James Beckwourth. As Beckwourth, you guide your class through a realistic adventure located within the historic mining camp called "Nelson Point." Your class lives the California Gold Rush. They experience the difficulties of reaching the gold fields. They learn firsthand the mining process. You illustrate the economic and social factors which made the gold rush era a unique chapter in California's development. Most importantly, your students realize the historical significance of the world wide experience called the California Gold Rush.

The Elementary Teacher's Guide to the Gold Rush is complete with easy to copy props and task cards. It requires a minimum amount of prep time to present a lesson guaranteed to create a memorable learning experience resulting in improved results in standardized testing.

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The Elementary Teacher's Guide to the Gold Rush Reviews

[The Elementary Teacher's Guide to the Gold Rush] is a great concept and I think it's a wonderful "hands-on" asset for teachers and students. The history is good and the characters all fit nicely. Great job!

—Scott Lawson, Director Plumas County Museum

[The Elementary Teacher's Guide to the Gold Rush] is really interesting, I wish my teachers would have made P.E. that fun for me ... The set up and presentation is clear ... and the ethnic diversity in the gold camps comes across well.

—Carey Steward, Past Executive Director California Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD)


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